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Rapunzel long hair. Greta Thurnberg. Sunneis post-COVID strategy. Nina Park Beauty Secrets. Muiccia Pradas last solo show. And much more.

Kim, Cher, And The Enduring Appeal Of Freakishly Long Hair via i-d.vice.com

I have been blessed, dear Reader, with good hair. It has gone through many iterations and lengths: post break up bobs, beach babe Bardot bedhead, and let’s not even get into the year I was a hair model and had every wedding updo practiced atop my head in between classes. Most recently, though (and I like to thank 3 months of quarantine for this), I have been relishing in long, straight, sleek black hair. I thought by now I would be bored. I thought by now I would be reaching for dye or shears. I came across this article talking about the history of long hair and what it has meant over the generations and across the world, in pop culture and amongst indigenous tribes alike. JS


“Let’s High­light Fe­ma­le Role Mo­dels” via Baumeister

The feminist collective Rebel Architette and their goal to detox architecture from Inequalities. SB


For Immediate Release: “Lolita Got The Internet In The Divorce” via spikeartmagazine.com

Lolita Got the Internet in the Divorce – what else could a girl want? Kaitlin Philips is a brilliant NYC storyteller, and in this piece via Spike, she takes us across a wide plateau of varying vignettes and an endearing cast of characters that are so easy to hate and sad girl relate.  JS


Greta Thunberg Says World Leaders ‘must Now Do The Seemingly Impossible’ via dazeddigital.com

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Greta. She has co-written an open letter to all European leaders and heads of state, July 16th. The document that says the leaders must now do the seemingly impossible, was signed by people such as Billie Eilish & Leonardo DiCaprio. FP


Beauty Secrets We Learned From Nina Park via crfashionbook.com

CR Fashionbook spoke with Nina Park, one of the biggest celebrity make-up artists on the power of the no-make-up-make-up-look (yes that’s a word!). The Chanel make-up artist is pretty well known for her approach to the nude make-up look, that she also likes to rock herself.  FP


Deutschlands Wäldern Geht Es So Schlecht Wie Nie Zuvordeutschlands Wäldern Geht Es So Schlecht Wie Nie Zuvor via Spiegal.de (German)

How many more warning signals does Mother Earth have to give us so that we start protecting our planet? SB

How Sunnei Bucked the Fashion System via businessoffashion.com

Due to recent events, the fashion industry has had an opportunity to make strong changes from its production to the trend forecast of a collection. The Italian brand Sunnei decided to only present the white prototypes of their products. This allowed the buyers to customize them virtually. This ingenious process allows the resellers around the world to choose their own colors and patterns in direct link with their customer’s preferences. MB 


Miuccia Prada Takes a Digital Bow to End an Era via wmagazine.com

Discover or rediscover Miuccia Prada’s last solo show for Prada with W Magazine. A “last bow” coming after three decades of incredible work for the Milan-based brand. Digital yet still intimate, this “adieu” is only the beginning of a new era that will bring exciting challenges to the soon-to-be greatest team in the game: Miuccia and Raf Simons. NC


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