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Red wine and white silk shirts should usually be kept far apart, because they are usually a recipe for disaster (and an unhappy dinner ending). But not in the case of Our Legacy Work Shop.

A good red wine goes with many things, but usually not with white shirts. But now Our Legacy is putting the odd couple together and launching wine-dyed shirts in collaboration with Gabrio Bini.

At the center of the collaboration is Gabrio Bini, a legend of the winemaking world, alongside his wife and son, who cultivated, harvested, fermented their wine for years now. The vines that shape their wines are grown on the Bini family estate on the volcanic island of Pantelleria, south of Sicily, Italy. The unique result was achieved by Bini hand-dyeing a selection of Legacy silk shirts in the amphoras that held some of his red wines. Each shirt is as unique as the wines themselves: some are splash dyed, others are dip-dyed, and some were even left overnight.


So, if you are now in the mood for some wine: you can shop the Our Legacy Work Shop x Gabrio Bini collection online now.

All images: Curtesy of Our Legacy Work Shop

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