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When you think of Hendrick’s Gin, you think first and foremost of the gin and tonic in the good bar next door. Of the gentle fusion between the Bulgarian rose “Damascena” and refreshing cucumber, which you can subtly taste out, which ultimately makes the unique melodic note of the iconic gin. After all, no other gin is made like Hendrick’s.
Which is as well a product of their special production: The super-premium gin is finally distilled in only small batches of 500 liters in Scotland and is additionally supplemented by another 11 botanicals, which finally intensify the unique floral hint even further.

Even though a perfect gin and tonic on a cold Friday evening seems like the perfect end to the week and the merciless start to the well-deserved weekend, Hendrick’s actually also serves us wintery, warm drinks such as the “Hot Spiced Apple“. Apple and winter are two things that simply belong together, so why not make a delicious drink out of it and serve a special moment on top?
And since Hendrick’s also stands for the highest quality and attention to detail, it was clear to them that there was still one little thing missing for perfect enjoyment: The ultimate cup.
As part of their Festive Campaign they now cooperated with the ceramic artist Siri Skillgate, who is also known as DUM KERAMIK. Together they created a small, very limited collection of individual ceramic cups for the devoted fans of the iconic gin brand.

DUM KERAMIK was founded in 2019 and is based in Stockholm. And it is exactly this Scandinavian influence that you feel and see in the designs. Founder Siri is a trained industrial designer, through this learned expertise quality and design benefit significantly. Since all artwork is handmade in her small studio in Stockholm, each piece is unique and can never be purchased exactly the same again.
So you better be careful and treat the things better than anyway!

After the absolute onset of winter came even faster and more suddenly than expected and already partly the first snow gently lays over the house roofs, it’s time to get cozy. Maybe with a warm “Hot Spiced Apple” on your couch?
Hendrick’s Gin has a little surprise for cold days for you!

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Credit: Hendrick’s Gin


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