X-Mas Calendar: Day 6

vor 3 years

Winter season is layering season – And this collection provides you with the basic code of the perfect stratification and with a bit of luck, the perfect oversized shirt we’d been all waiting for way too long!

Since time immemorial, the myth surrounds the perfect jeans and how to find them. The search for the most flattering cut, stunning textile work and the highest quality material. All combined by 7 For All Mankid for more than 20 years.

For their Spring/ Summer’ 22 collection, however, a very special merger of two experts in tailoring happened: a partnership with the Italian luxury labl N°21, led by Alessandro Dell’Aqua.

The two brands merge in a collection that is free of any gender stereotypes and rules. It plays with different proportions, layerings and unexpectedly accentuated details, which finally ends in oversized shirts, shortened hoodies and voluminous capes. These are combined with wide pants or figure-hugging bustiers, all with an even obviously feminine code.
What makes the collection particularly special are the cuts that are almost perfectly adapted to the body, which seem as if the material just gently caresses the body while nevertheless everything looks like a peak of innovative style.
The color palette is also less surprisingly a perfect fusion: from delicate Blush Pink, characteristic for N°21, to the almost iconic indigo wash that embodies 7 For All Mankid since time immemorial.

However, this exclusive collaboration had been also created for a special occasion: 7 For All Mankid is now celebrating its 21st anniversary. The flair of the campaign was created and captured by photographer Robin Gallegue and stylist Elodie David-Touboul, who ultimately created a unified image of pure dynamism, fearlessness and undaunted individuality.


For our sixth day, you’ll get to enjoy a perfectly tailored oversized shirt from their union!

What you need to do? 

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Good Luck!

*Participation until end of the day, Winners will be contacted directly

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