X-Mas Calender: Day 15

vor 3 years

We want to capture special moments. Even more special moments we want to capture and have them right in the palm of our hand.


So today, together with Polaroid, we have two beautiful things to capture memories with your loved ones. And what better time to do it than Christmas and New Years Eve?

Behind the door of today’s Fräulein X-Mas Calender hides the Polaroid Go and the Polaroid Lab printer. With the Polaroid Go, which is much smaller and more compact, pictures can be taken spontaneously and without much effort. It simply fits in any pocket and there are no more excuses why you can’t take it with you.

The Lab Printer, on the other hand, instantly turns smartphone shots into Polaroids. Like a desktop darkroom, the smartphone easily be placed on the printer and phone pictures are transformed into Polaroids – including a beautiful analog aesthetics.

Want to win this beautiful set of Polaroid features? Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Send a loveletter to gewinnspiel@fraeulein-magazine.eu
  • Follow us on Instagram on @FRAEULEINMAGAZINE

Good Luck!

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