BLANCHE – dreamy luxury

vor 3 years

It’s time to replace your old sweatpants with something more luxurious. And we don’t mean clothes with glamour, sequins and sparkle overload. But rather something casual and effortless yet elegant. And the BLANCHE Resort Collection 2021 is all that – and even more. 

Asking the question what luxury actually is one might get different answers. Which leads to the conclusion that luxury is primarily perceived and defined subjectively. It’s striking, however, that luxury is still closely associated with status symbols and high-priced products. Simply put: Bling Bling equals luxury. But turbulent times, like those we call our everyday life at the moment, often call for change – also in terms of luxury. And it is obvious that this redefinition of luxury can be transferred to other segments of fashion, especially fair fashion. Certainly consumption and shopping habits have and will change because of the awareness that has been gained for climate change and the associated social developments. 

And of course more and more sustainable brands that offer luxury fashion are the result. Including the Danish label BLANCHE. Talking about contemporary fashion the Scandinavian brand has certainly blossomed into everybody’s darling in recent seasons.
The Resort Collection is in no way inferior to the flawless image of the previous collections. The pieces almost effortlessly combine sustainable quality, casual silhouettes and the right amount of coolness.

Thanks to the sustainable materials such as GOTS-certified or recycled fabrics and the holistic, timeless design approach, BLANCHE creates subtle luxury.

Words by Annika Duda

All images: Curtesy of BLANCHE 

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