“Who’s That Girl Rollerskating in Gucci?!” An Interview with Sara Lancerio

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American roller skater Sara Lancerio is introducing Berlin spirit into Gucci’s #GucciGrip campaign.

It’s a well-known secret: Gucci knows how to play a strong social media game. There was their recent Christmas campaign that brought us into festive mode through the most obnoxious 90s office scenerios that only Gucci could present in a glamorous, cinematic light. And there was #GucciGram, the hashtag under which Alessandro Michele invited artists and illustrators to repurpose some of the brand’s most iconic motifs on Instagram (some of these beautiful artworks had the potential to become even more iconic than the initial actual template). And let’s not forget about Diet Prada’s brilliant takeover of the company’s insta account. And now, yet another campaign has caught our eye, especially since it features an exceptional soul from our home town Berlin.The #GucciGrip project that promotes the house’s Grip Watch ( named after the grip tape used by skaters on their boards), brings together passionate talents out of the skater and street sport scene to tell their stories. And they look good doing it. One of them is Sara Lancerio, who chose Berlin as her home four years ago and has been skating the city’s streets and parks ever since.

We talked to Sara about her passion for roller skating, what makes Berlin special to her, and what she’s been up to during quarantine.


You are being quoted: “Roller-skating keeps me whole, embodied, and forever flowing in a moment of bliss.” When did you start roller skating and how did it become such a big part of your life?

It was 2016 and I remember being inspired watching a video of Chicago jam skaters flowing with their really distinctive style at the infamous Glenwood roller-rink! Then I saw videos of roller-skaters at the skatepark in California and was like … “woahhh I’m going to do that.” I skated the streets for the next four years getting around the city, viewing many fleeting scenes on eight wheels which became highly addicting. I started frequenting the skatepark that same year and spent a whole month in California for work that summer. I borrowed my friend’s very broken down car with no AC, driving to different skateparks (laughs). I learned a lot from a group of skateboarders I met there. I was going to the parks on my own and I felt that I didn’t have any direction with where I wanted it to take me, so I stuck to street skating. This year, I started going back to the skatepark and I am so in love.

What was your first pair of skates?

I bought my first (and most beloved) pair of roller-skates that same year I started skating in 2016. They are a pair of blue Moxis which are the skates worn in the #GucciGrip project. They’re my lucky charm!

Any favorite skating spots in Berlin?

You can find me skating the Berlin pool at Gleisdreieck almost every day, if the weather holds up. Nothing compares to the vibe it gives! I first showed up there alone last July and I was the only female skater there, feeling like a nervous-wreck. The love, support, and the morning crew of skaters I’ve met at that pool will always have a place in my heart. And Tempelhof sunset skates in the summer are also dreamy!

How did your path led you to working with Gucci? Are you a fashion girl?

It was funny actually … At first, all I knew was that a skateboarder from the pool had a photographer friend who was looking for a roller-skater. And it ended up being a photo shoot with the legendary Miriam Marlene Waldner, which morphed into a project I had been scouted for by Gucci! I don’t personally identify with high-end fashion, but I did know that Gucci was really successful in transforming their collections and image. I love the playfulness of their Fall 2020 collection. I express myself through what I wear and there are some crazy vintage pieces hiding in my closet that I haven’t worn in a long time because I’m always skating. I’m pretty creative through art, so I also use fashion as an art form.

On your insta account you describe yourself with the words “Chicago roots. Berlin vibes. ” H ow do these two shape you? And what is it you find so enchanting about Berlin?

I’m a first-generation American, born and raised in Chicago – which I consider my first home. I moved to Berlin almost 4 years ago and it’s grown on me so much that at the moment, I plan on staying in Germany for a long time. I feel like I can express myself more freely here, and even though I’m more of a nature kind of woman, I love the artistic vibe of Berlin as well as the diversity and representation through people of all different backgrounds I’ve met here .

What do you draw inspiration from?

The strength that our bodies are so capable of! Each time, I’m amazed at finally landing that one trick I’ve been learning and that feeling is so addicting in itself! When I have wheels on my feet, it lifts my spirit. I often think about and honor the ancestry of rollerskating and the beautiful culture that derived from it. It’s transforming my life in the most positive way, and I’m embracing the learning curve.

You already are an amazingly talented skater. But if you could pick one more talent,  what would it be?

Thank you! Well, I’ve just bought my first skateboard and am about to invest in a djembe, but if it could be one more talent, then I’d definitely pick playing a banjo! (laughs)

Your wardrobe seems to burst with color. Any tips for flashy shopping spots?

Almost too much color sometimes..! Most of what I wear is second-hand or thrifted from the States, where we have the best thrift shops! Besides this, I support and buy from independent Berlin shops.

How have you been spending your time in quarantine?

Snuggling with my 12 year old dog, dreaming about my next European skate adventure, drawing and writing, meditation, learning music making, and the struggles of looking for a new flat! (laughs) It’s been a smoother ride than the first lockdown, but I feel deeply for the people that are not having an easy time of it right now.

What do you miss most in times of social distancing?

I miss hugging and being close. I’m an emotional person who needs a lot of that!

We just overcame a turbulent and stirring year. Any resolutions?

We’re going through a lot of radical changes in life. In some way, they’ve been healing for me, and my need for honest exchanges is becoming more clear to me. Living from the heart is the new vibration.

What is your idea of ​​perfect happiness?

Smiling while meditating and feeling that smile go throughout my whole body!


Interview: Ann-Kathrin Lietz
Photos: Miriam Marlene Waldner

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