Editorial: Objectification by Ulrich Hartmann

vor 2 Jahren

Objectification of the Human Being: the highest level of equality?

Is the human body considered an object? If you are speaking in terms of Physics, absolutely. A human is an object, in specific time and space. When the question is philosophical, the answer is ambiguous. Is something capable of experiencing emotions and sensations, such as pain, fear, pleasure, and joy, considered an object? I guess that all depends upon who you’re asking … or at least dressing.

left: sock Happy Socks
right: leather top Villa, body Richert Beil, over-knee boots Steve Madden

left: earrings Sabrina Dehoff, turtleneck & jacket Ivanman, tights Falke, high heel ankle boot Steve Madden
right: coat Pallas Paris

left: shirt Blanche, pullunder Ivanman
right: earrings Ariane Ernst, brooch Nicomede. Ekaterina Pronina, coat Pallas Paris, bag Essentiel Antwerp, loafers Scarosso

bracelet Nicomede. Ekaterina Pronina, bodysuit Richert Beil, over-knee boots Steve Madden

left: earrings Sabrina Dehoff, shirt Ivanman, jacket Monokel, bag Stylist’s own, tights Wolford, high heel ankle boots Steve Madden
right: suit Our Legacy, mules Shein

left: gloves Roeckl, jacket Richert Beil
right: jewelery Sabrina Dehoff, logsleeve Blanche, faux leather pants Wolford, high heel ankle boot Steve Madden

left: boots Arket
right: earrings Sabrina Dehoff, smock apron Ivanman, garment bag Richert Beil, tights Hudson, mules Shein

left: jewelery Sabrina Dehoff, smock apron & bag Ivanman
right: pants 032c

Photography Ulrich Hartmann @ulrichhartmannphotography
Styling Olivier Mohrińge @stylistolivier
Hair & Make up Melanie Hoppe using Chanel Beauty @ melanie.hoppe @ chanel.beauty
Model Lilu via IZAIO Managemen @ izaio.management

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