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Summer is here, and so is a selection of current obsessions.

But don’t get us wrong – it’s Berlin summer, our sundresses will be edgy. Reading this article from the coast of Greece? Congratulations, you are ahead of us and might not need our style advices. This year we decided to stand with the majority, who couldn’t escape the city due to travel restrictions, and those who are contemplating summer days from behind the windows of their office. Believe us, summer in Berlin is nice as well, so we provide the latest style hacks to go catch the sun in the German capital.

We usually swear on layering and for good reasons, piling up pieces and mix and matching prints is the quickest and easiest way to have a stylish outfit. However the heat has us melting. We have to switch techniques and opt for another option to dress ourself without looking lazy or lacking of ooh-factor.
In extreme climatic condition we recommend mixing textures. A pleated Issey Miyake shirt would do perfect with a straight pair of jeans – or any shorts really. Breathy yet elevated, your look won’t suffer from the warmth of summer. Issey Miyake’s plissée goods are easily reachable at The VooStore in all colours of the rainbow.

Scents heavily influence our mood. Recently Le Labo Cosmetics had us feeling extra summery with Rose 31. A new perfume is sometimes all you didn’t know you needed to adopt a new, positive attitude. You can’t go wrong with the smell of roses. Refreshing and flowery, this perfume with soon make you the centre of attention during your park gathering at Gleisdreieck Park.

This summer we seek simplicity. Saying we found the perfect t-shirt could be seen as an extrapolation, but it is all truth. 100% traceable and created to last all Asket pieces are divine to wear but their t-shirts really caught our attention. The thickness of the fabric and the cut is an absolute dream. Summer is the season of t-shirts, but treating yourself with a high quality one is a completely different experience. You’ll wear it forever, thank us for our advice next summer, and even passing it down to your children one day if you treat it well.

It is not a secret anymore that we worship Gentle Monster’s sunnies. Their edgy designs made their shades the perfect accessories for summertime or to transform your daytime outfits into a more rave-y one in case of impromptu DJ sets.

Sundresses are a wardrobe essential when sunny days arrive, but the techno capital has it, they are black this year. Ganni Klub just launched, an atleisure line with dresses soon to be Instagram cult classic. But for a reason, ridiculously easy to wear and made out of nylon, a summer must-have. If you dream of cottage core living in Berlin, this dress is the one you need to visit the flower market, or head to Müggelsee in an attempt of a city get-away.

Knits, but put a flower on it. Summer wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your vests and jackets. Light knits will be the perfect element to keep around in case of a cool breeze. Palomo Spain joined designer Clea Stuart for the creation of a capsule collection of knitwear, which stands out with the cheerful aesthetic of Palomo and the impeccable technical quality of the knitwear designer.

New York based brand Il Makiage knows how to tint our lips in all season. Their 84 (!) shades come in three different finishes: Pure matte, silky satin, and lustrous sheer. Our favourite of the moment is Piña Colada with its rich orange undertones and sheer finish for a light finish.

Text by Marien Brandon

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