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“My signature is to always wear a lot of things! When I say to my friends that something is too much, they laugh at me because I’m always extra.”

The conversation between Marien Brandon and Sita Abellán was first published in the current print issue exploring the discourse around  ‚I,‘ which can be found in stores and ONLINE 

Sita Abellán owns the notion of over-accessorizing. With a defined style and aesthetic all her own, she is far from a white canvas for designers to paint on, like most mainstream models. Sita is not only a model but also a DJ, stylist, and designer. She broadens her artistic fields with the conviction that creativity should be expressed without any limits or restrictions. Fräulein met her to understand the philosophy centered around self-expression, and why it helps to always fill yourself with joy.

Your style is very unique. Would you say being different has helped you throughout your career?
When I was young, it was harder to be different or “unique” as you said, because I came from a very small city in the south of Spain. It was not easy to live there, as people would judge me for the way I look, but obviously with time, that became for me a value. I don’t see myself as being different, but I think it is still something that helped me. This industry is quite competitive, and through my vision, I bring something different to fashion. So I truly think it is a good point, being different!

How would you describe your style?
It is always very difficult for me to put a word on it, I think it is something very personal and chameleonic. Actually, every day I could be defined by something different in terms of style because it really represents the way I feel. But it’s always in a very fun way. Overall, my style is limitless, and I try not to apply rules to it.

Were you always so fashionable? Can you explain the growth and the evolution of your style inspirations throughout your life?
Yes, definitely, I always had a strong interest in fashion! Even at three years old, I picked out the pieces to wear and tried to style them myself. Somehow, I feel like I was born for fashion. I love fashion and it is very important for me as a way to express myself, and the same goes for music. My mom has always been a very stylish woman, but especially my grandmother who sometimes appears on my Instagram. She dresses amazingly and has a lot of taste, but they really never really taught me about fashion… they taught me more about style. With the years, I realized how much I love clothing and appreciate it as an art. As a teenager, my fashion icon was Marilyn Manson. I also love Diane Pernet, Alexander McQueen… I do have some style icons, but I can take inspiration from pretty much everything around me. I am very inspired by my surroundings, by travelling and meeting people.

From DJing to styling, you play around in a lot of different creative areas. Is it important for you to express yourself in such diverse ways?
Fashion was my first love, but with the years, I started growing very attracted to music and I realized how much I like to communicate to people through music and fashion together. I spent a long time of my life feeling like the black sheep and being misunderstood, and through fashion and music, I really found myself. Nowadays it is really important for me to not place limits on the ways I want to express myself. Every year, I find new ways to do it.

How has social media become a platform for you to express your creativity?
I think social media has been a very important tool for me to process my work. And because I originate from a very small town, it helped me find people working on the same things as me, who share common visions. I also find new artists and am able to create references for my style in music and fashion. Social media is a great tool for me to get inspiration, and at the same time, it allows me to spread my message and my vision into the world.

How did you become the Techno Princess?
Well, it was kind of a joke when I started playing music around 17 or 18 years old. I love techno. I was very young and techno is very popular in Spain. We have a lot of good clubs and festivals. I actually started playing house music, but after a couple of years, I circled back to techno… although I also love industrial music, goth and punk. One day, I said I wanted to name myself Techno Princess as a joke and everybody started to call me that, so it stuck.

The launch of your brand Lilith by Sita was a milestone in your career, what inspired this project?
I always wanted to create a brand and to design clothes or accessories. I started Lilith with a fuse of wanting to design something that was mine because I wear a lot of jewelry every day. I said to myself, “Why not start by designing jewelry?” I love accessories and sometimes even give more importance to accessories than to the clothes I’m wearing. They are such an important touch to a look. I named it Lilith because I love the biblical story of Lilith. She was the first woman in the Garden of Eden, who was supposedly kicked out because she refused to obey the orders of God. The story completely charmed me. It represents a woman who’s independent and only makes decisions for herself. I was using the snake as my symbol for quite some years and it can be found in all of my shows and creative work. It became my logo. Then, when I started investigating the story of Lilith, I found she is also represented as the snake of Eden, tempting Adam and Eve into biting the forbidden apple. The coincidence was perfect.

What might your jewelry represent to the wearers?
Each collection is inspired by different stories. My last collection was inspired by the moon and the sun. I even changed my name from Techno Princess to Blue Moon. I wanted to show my appreciation of the sun and the moon and their mystical interpretations. They represent the story of men and women who are independent, who express themselves without limits. I represent myself though my jewelry.

What is the Sita signature (in fashion or in life)?
My signature is to always wear a lot of things! When I say to my friends that something is too much, they laugh at me because I’m always extra. I’m not very simple, I must say. I am too much!

Any advice for our readers on how to present themselves online?
My suggestion is to be fully free in the way you want to express yourself. Just don’t give a fuck! Everything is about believing in your own goals and trusting in your dreams.

Do you have any advice to those who also grew up in a small town and hope for a career in an artistic field such as fashion?
I would say that in general, people don’t give us any value. We give it to ourselves. Believe in yourself. If you don’t, nobody’s going to do it for you. Follow your dreams. In my own experience, I would have never thought I would get so many things when I see myself eight or ten years ago. Everything comes with hard work and consistency, but don’t listen to the rest because it will destroy your creativity!


Photos: Javier Anton  

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