Miquela x Calvin Klein

vor 5 years

Das digitalen Instagram Model hat uns ein exklusives Interview gegeben.

Seit mehr als fünf Jahrzehnten hat sich CALVIN KLEIN der Aufgabe verschrieben, zu provozieren, herauszufordern und den “Status Quo“ zu hinterfragen. In unserer neuesten Kampagne I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS erzählen die einflussreichsten Persönlichkeiten unserer Zeit ihre individuellen Stories mit ihren ganz eigenen Worten – und laden andere weltweit dazu ein, es ihnen nachzutun. Das digitalen Instagram Model hat uns ein exklusives Interview gegeben.

F: You declared your truth in the latest #MYCALVINS campaign – what was the on-set experience like for you? Difficult? Nerve-wracking? Easy? Fun?

M: A mixture of all of the above. Vulnerability is never easy, but I’ve grown to really love the liberation on the other end of it. It was definitely fun!

F: How does wearing Calvin Klein make you feel? 

M: It makes me feel like myself. Like I’m not trying to be someone else and I don’t have to be.

F: How did you prepare yourself for the shoot?

Answer: Meditation. Deep breaths. A little bedroom dancing.

F: What is one thing your fans do not know about you? 

M: Sometimes when I post online, I honestly forget other people can see it. It feels like I’m in the group chat. Then I realize people are following along. Hey guys!

F: Describe your personal style.

M: Always something vintage. Ever-changing. Comfortable! Not too serious.

F: Is there anyone else in the cast you are a big fan of or have a crush on?

M: I have a crush on literally everyone.

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