Nuda Cause a Terra with New Book

vor 4 years

The new issue of ‘Nuda’ explores the world of common space, nature, and Earth.

Swedish creatives Nora Hagdahl and Frida Vega Salomonsson have done it again, Nuda: Terra is an exploration of our common space, nature, and Earth. Terra focuses on the materiality of soil, our relationship with nature, and where humans intertwine with the wild. The core belief is that the center of the climate crisis lays within humanity’s relationship to nature and how we strive to separate ourselves from the boundaries of biological life. The pandemic made many people interested in going back to the roots; people were longing for the countryside, baking sourdough bread or making kombucha. Now it’s created a time that has reminded everyone of the fact that we are biological creatures like no other, and that we are part of nature.

 For the upcoming book, artist Olafur Eliasson , actress Noomi Rapace , producer Baba Stiltz , ceramist Takuro Kuwata , producer Zak Arogundade ( Ecco2K ), scientist Vandana Shiva , Carole Baskin , Steve Angelo (Swedish House Maffia) + many more feature.

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Photography Credits:

Olof Grind

Kapcer Kasprzyk

Thomas Cooksey

Hendrik Schneider

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