Functional Art as Fashion: Jil Sander Resort 2022

vor 3 years

Jil Sander gives us clothes to feel chic in every possible situation.

Lucie and Luke Meier’s designs for Jil Sander are known to be balancing opposites. This time, the collection brings together clean and geometric shapes with playful, hand-crafted details. Significant are the oversized ruffles running down a dress’ sleeves or around a collar, bold color blocking stripes, sculptural dresses made out of floral lace, knitted two-piece sets, statement necklaces, and many tassels, on shoulders, hems, belts, and even boots.

It seems like every look has its own character. Some soft and feminine, strong and dramatic, making the collection wearable in everyday life as well as for special occasions. Form and function coexists: Every garment feels like an artwork and practical object at the same time – this narrative runs through the collection and Lucie and Luke Meier’s design approach.

Pictures courtesy of Jil Sander

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