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Each week, OOR Studio reaches out to various artists, musicians, and those with all-around good taste to create a playlist for us to play within our office. Of course, we share the best ones with you!

Today it´s about radical vulnerability and tenderness in digital times.

This week´s playlist is carefully curated by the Danish singer JADA. During her heartfelt and bold performance during the GANNI AW 2022 fashion show some time ago in Copenhagen, she is not afraid of proudly showing her weak spots. Speaking of dating in modern times and digital heartbreaks, she opens up and invites us to throw a look behind her creativity.

Think back to when it all began. How did you become a singer?
I don’t remember ever not singing. My mum is a traditional folk singer and she was singing all the time and my dad is a traditional folk musician, he’s playing the violin, my grandparents were singing, my sister was singing. It was just a big part of our lives all the time!
Whom do you intend to inspire with your music?
When I’m inspired by someone or something, it’s often because it’s made by someone who is genuinely listening to their heart and expressing themselves and being who they are in a brave, clear way. That reminds me that I can be me, too. I try to do that with my music, to take up space and make noise and just be me, so that people who listen to my music can do the same.
Do you see yourself as a modern, confident `femme fatale´?
Haha, yes damn I wanna be that!
What does vulnerability mean to you?
I feel like being alive as a human being on planet Earth is all about connecting and being with each other in a real, honest way. And vulnerability is such a big part of an open genuine meeting between people, so if the relationship (not just romantic) doesn’t have room for vulnerability, I don’t want it.
Your single `Nudes´ tells a story of unreciprocated intimacy in the digital age. How does social media influence emotional intimacy in your opinion?
I feel like in some ways social media has opened up possibilities to connect with each other across the globe, but I also feel like social media is making everyone feel a little more lonely and I think it’s just a really difficult place to navigate in.
Your sense of style beautifully variates between soft, pastel silhouettes and hyper femme, all black, edgy looks. How does fashion resonate with your creative expression?
I just love it when people create the universes and worlds that exist inside them. I love to be shown the inside of other people’s brains and hearts. That’s the part of fashion I love, to be invited into someone’s creative universe and get inspired by that. 
How did it feel to be the star of the GANNI fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week?
It felt amazing, I just love working with bold people with creative visions.

What do you aspire to teach the young generation, looking up to you?
That all that matters is to love and be loved. And that they are amazing just the way they are. I love myself so much, and I hope that by doing that maybe they will love themselves too.

Here is her personally created playlist for Fräulein:

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Picture courtesy of Nikolaj Gyldenløve

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