Spa Lockdown with Orveda

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I am aging gracefully and, I say this with confidence, it’s because I care.

I am fine with putting all kinds of war paints and smears on my face in the daytime, if the occasion or the mood calls for it. Some of my favorite lipsticks are found at Rossman for less than 10 bucks. This is probably why I own 20 of them. I use literal charcoal on my eyelids sometimes. You know that’s not going anywhere. 

Where I draw the line in regards to my corpus health is my skincare routine. I do not skimp. I prefer minimal chemicals. I read the list of ingredients more closely than I do the instructions for furniture assembly. I have handmade bespoke oils and exfoliants and creams created under the full moon. I am the nightmare that will bring a metal case of tonics overnight to a friend or lover. Let’s not even get into my traveling process. The TSA is no match for me. They may take away my freedom, but they will never take away my vials. 

When Orveda came into my hemisphere, it wasn’t through their skincare, it was actually in the form of a candle. The wick, the wax, the cellophane packaging the candle arrived in, it was all natural and compostable. It smelled of cardamom and black pepper. I loved it. I wrote about it. I was and I still am hooked.

When I expressed such delight over the candle, I was actually offered a sit down, screen-to-screen chat with one of the directors of Orveda. I asked him why, in a market hyper-inflated with beauty regimens, they still choose to take on such an endeavor. He talked to me about the battle our skin goes through, how we fight against it rather than help it prepare for its day-to-day stresses. Their products are infused with natural goods, like prebiotics, yeast, kombucha, and sea algea. All things I consume daily, when I want to feel my best. Reader, I implore you to add sea algae into your routine, in some format. It’s a miracle nutrient (La Mer, ever heard of it?) that regulates your thyroid, amongst a multitude of other things. It comes in gel form if you’re into morning smoothies, but if you don’t house a blender, it also hydrates you from the inside-out with a sprinkle of dehydrated flakes or even simply by downing a capsule. Orveda uses sea algae.

The product I am currently using is a nutritive-plumping ‘massage’ masque . The concept of skin wellness goes beyond just what you put on your face, but how you do it. They brand it as a massage for a reason. They include a brush for a reason. Rub it in. Find those dry spots. Pay attention to them. Love them. Kiss them with nutrients. Thank those dry spots for putting up with the elements you expose them to on the daily. They don’t want to be there anymore than you want them there. Breathe in the Ayurvedic scent and enjoy the process. It melts into your skin and you will begin glowing and you won’t stop. Orveda pushes forward the concept of wellness, leaving behind the concept of stripping bare your skin, exfoliating the hell out of your body. Instead, it gives you elements that help your skin function better and look its best, naturally. I look forward to my nightly routine. I feel best when I am taking the time to care for myself. I am thankful that I have the capacity and ability to do this for myself. I find that many find this a chore. I find it a luxury. Orveda understands this. It’s also why a number of the most exclusive spas around the world use Orveda products. 

I am aging gracefully and, I say this with confidence, it’s because I care. I have my skin’s best interest at heart. 

Text by Janna Shaw
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