Springtime Uniform: New ARKET Linen Collection

vor 3 years

Linen is the natural, romantic, and tactile fabric we will be wearing all summer long. And ARKET just made it a lot easier to love…

There is nothing so easy as throwing on an oversized linen dress and slipping into a pair of slides, and instantly looking put together. Seeing friends for rosé at the park? Linen. Meeting the parents for lunch? Linen. An evening sunset stroll on the canal? Linen. It is timeless, it is comfortable, it is chic.

Admittedly, finding good linen can be the most difficult task. In my experience, it is found in vintage shops, with a very Woodstock laced up look that looks a bit dated (and may have an elephant trim), or it is found in expensive boutiques at a price point that I have a hard time spending.

When we got wind that ARKET was releasing not just a couple linen pieces, but an entire linen collection, we got very happy about this… The ability to spend our spring and summer in a variety of linen shades, patterns, styles…? Yes. And while the term ‘sustainability’ is on everyone’s lips in the fashion industry and beyond, linen (taken from flax), is a naturally regenerative plant found in Europe, so it goes without saying that your conscious will also feel good in wearing it.

Check out our favorite pieces below: the brown top and pants, the seersucker-style pinstripes… We are dreaming of ways to style these (and you don’t have to hide them from the man in your life- there is also a men’s collection, equally as good!)

“At ARKET, we love reinventing design classics and creating a feeling of renewal. For us, clothes made of linen have a natural constancy. Every year we fall in love anew with the very special pieces that go with every timeless summer look. It's just fun to keep perfecting these timeless pieces of clothing."

Anna Teurnell, Head of Design, ARKET

The Linen Collection hits ARKET stores and online today. You can find more of the collection here

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