The New NARS Collection: Claudette

vor 3 years

Who is Claudette?

This collection is so sweet. Claudette Nars is the mother and muse of François Nars, the man behind the unbelievably successful label himself. While Francois has been inspired by a number of incredible women (naming many a lipstick shade and collection after them), his initial inspiration and fascination came from the woman he first saw putting on make-up in his childhood: his mother.

Some of my fondest, most intimate moments growing up were of watching my own mother Julie applying make up in her magnifying, light up mirrors. I thought she was so glamorous. We bonded over beauty counters later in life. We still send each other make up.

It makes sense for many mother-daughter duos to experience this, but the story of Claudette and Francois is a little more peculiar. How many boys share this bond growing up? Especially in the 70s? 

Sentiments aside, I tried out the eye palette and I love it. If I saw it at a beauty counter, I would immediately gravitate towards it, as I am a fan of the darker, more romantic looks. I like red eyes and dark lips. The St. Germain eyeshadow palette includes three red, highly pigmented shades (I think L’Ephémère is my new favorite eyeshadow), and three champagne-tinged shimmers, which are also incredibly lovely (though I am admittedly rarely a shimmer kind of gal.) I used the Joie shimmer shadow as a highlighter, however, and it was super angelic. I gave a shout out to the new rusty red lipstick shade Claudette in our recent Valentine’s gift guide and will certainly be gifting one of these lipsticks to my own mom this year. Below, have a peek at the special campaign video. 

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