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An artist at the point where past and future gently touch.

Originally from Sydney, but living in Berlin since 2004, the singer and songwriter Kat Frankie is good at one thing above all: discreet dramaturgy. Her music takes place in an in-between world where past and future gently touch and the inseparable relationship between beauty and decay is as oppressive as liberating.

Kat draws us into her spell of finely orchestrated treatises and her powerfully unique voice.
This is also the case in their recently released single “Shiny Things“, which gives us a gentle foretaste of her upcoming album in 2022. “Shiny Things” is about the incident in the 2nd half of the 18th century, in the epoch of romanticism, when people started to artificially build ruins to increase the feeling of loneliness and grandeur. In Kat’s new single, this artificial ruin comes to life as something standing above things, knowing yesterday and tomorrow. Her own little utopia incarnated of soft sounds strung together.

This week, however, the exceptional talent not only gives us a glimpse into her inner self, but she also lets us dive into her current playlist:


Words: Carolin Desiree Becker

Credit: Elina Kechicheva & Kat Frankie

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