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The use of language in today’s conversations. Female barbershop owners. A real-life great escape set in North Korea. Black British designers. Decadent recipes. And much more.

Reclaiming My Feminity via killerandasweetthang.com

An article about the importance and the connection between rituals leading to feminine appearance and mental health.

Ist das Wort noch gut oder kann dass weg? via blonde.de (German)

If you’re able to read German this is a definite read. The article discusses the idea of language and words and both are going through an eternal change. It explores how we should not put too much negative overthought into words, but rather accept that words are just ambiguous to the person receiving them.

Influential Transgender Models In Fashion via crfashionbook.com

This article looks back on the transgender models in fashion history. 

Sources of Self-Regard via nytimes.com

An essay by Deborah Willis alongside this self-photo series of black artists reflecting on America. FP


The Dangerous Rise Of The ‘rough Sex’ Defense And What It Means For Women via dazeddigital.co.uk

Women’s thoughts on the rough sex-trends in the context of sexual abuse.


Shebeen Queens via kwerfeldein.de (German)

For a long time, photographer Julia Runge is working in and about the countries of South Africa, focussing mostly on social phenomena. In her new work „Shebeen Queens“, she is presenting female owners of barbershops in poor areas. These women have managed to save their existence in a traditional, patriarchal society. The word „shebeen“ originates from  the Irish word ‘sibin’  which describes an improvised public house. 

North Korea: The Prisoner Who Escaped With Her Guard via bbc.co.uk

A personal story of a North Korean male prison guard and a female prisoner who is locked in one of the country’s highly guarded prisons. A journey of their escape from the repressive country’s regime.

Where Would Menswear Be Without Black British Designers? via i-d.vice.com

British design would not be where it is without Black British designers. The piece looks at the contemporary designers who have helped to shape menswear where it is today in the current climate of BLM. 

Wir brauchen neue Wege des Denkens via freitag.de (German)

We need new ways of thinking: a very interesting article/opinion on racism in Germany.

Virtual Views: Home Movies via moma.org

MoMA’s exhibit Private Lives Public Spaces could not have come at a better time. A curated collection of home movies from known and unknown faces and places alike shot on a wide array of 16mm cameras, tape camcorders, and smartphones. The home movies give glimpses into different times, climates, styles, and attitudes. MoMA has made nine of these films available for your own home viewing on their site. 


The End Of Fantasy: Tokyo’s New Rebel Music Culture via residentadvisor.net

An account of artists and activists at the heart of a new socio-cultural movement in Japan’s capital.



Eat Your Words Series via theparisreview.org

“My hands smell like strawberries and chicken liver, and I’m drinking a Vernaccia, the “good white wine” of The Decameron.” The Paris Review has a wonderful series entitled Eat Your Words, in which Valerie Stiver cooks up recipes drawn from the works of various writers. Gain inspiration for your next book club meeting, or if you need guidance for fruit best enjoyed alongside postmodern Russian nihilism.

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