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For some, the holidays are notoriously joyous: Christmas markets, time with family and friends, a lot of food and presents and all the classic trimmings.

For others, this time of year can be fairly depressing. This year especially, even for those who have typically fallen in the former category of enjoyment, we may be experiencing loneliness, tightened purse strings, and a sense of isolation and confusion about the state of the world and our placement in it. It can be tough.

Dearest reader, we are going through it with you. We see you and hope you know that we are in your corner. To spread a little cheer in one way that we most definitely can, we teamed up with some fabulous brands to send sweetness your way. All these items have been handpicked by our team as some of our favorite pieces and brands of the year. Also worth noting: no brand paid us to be featured! So whether you need a little bit of a mood boost for yourself, or you wish you had a few extra coins in your pocket to be able to gift your best friend, a current crush, or your favorite sibling, we are here to help.

Every day of the month of December, we are giving away a special gift to you. And they’re gonna be good. You will have 24 hours to enter each giveaway by emailing gewinnspiel@fraeulein-magazine.eu . Make sure to place in the email subject the name of the gift you are hoping for!

Come back to this post each and every day, at 17.00, to see what daily delights await you.

Best of luck and lots of love!


The boutique parfumerie in Paris, Ex Nihilo, is one of our favorite discoveries of the year. A couple of us in the office wear it daily! They are passing on goodness to you in the new year (if you manage to pry it from our studio!) In the form of an ultra chic bottle of Gold Immortals (worn on my neck as I type) as well as a candle companion ( which we have already raved about to you earlier in the month.) You will start the new year off PROPERLY, babes.


The year has been chaotic. The year has been a bit (very) draining. It has toyed with and tested our mental limits. If you are in exhaustive agreements, today’s giveaway is a good one for you. We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: we love the Berlin-based candle company Garden State! They are graciously gifting you a bit of wellness to end the new year and bring you into the new one with more clarity: a cleansing set of sage and palo santo, and a handpoured Sage candle to get you centered and ready for whatever may be thrown at us in the next year. Come what may, take care of yourself!



First off, stop stealing your boyfriend’s razors! We see you! And we were also guilty of this. But now you can have your very own chic razor (and also gift another one to him!) Mühle makes the best shaving products on the planet, hands down, and they are gifting two of their iconic double headed designs along with a couple of their organic shaving creams. Next year is going to be a smooth one.


We are already plotting our next trip (to anywhere!) And these ELF kits make the perfect travel-ready companions. We are gifting three different sets: their new hemp oil set, a mini kit of their best-selling classics, and another kit called Jet Set, which is specifically for those long flights when your skin needs extra hydration and your eyes long to be depuffed . If you won’t take us with you, at least take these!

26. LEGO

We went through many phases of lockdown this year. One of them was getting into puzzle meditation. Then we found out LEGO has an Art Series, and we got really into playing with blocks again! LEGO is gifting you a couple of their new wall art sets. Create images using their included tutorials, or create your own! Gift to your nieces or nephews. Or better yet, leave a box for yourself and invite a friend over for mulled wine and a playdate. Simple pleasures.


Merry Christmas, darling! We miss going out as much as the next person, but we especially miss our languid (slightly intoxicated) brunches with friends. Once the world starts turning again, we gift you breakfast and champagne at the iconic Waldorf Astoria, for two. Bring a friend or bring a hopeful lover. Or bring us! You will definitely start the year off as most popular.


We all could use a little bit of brightness and cheer right night now. One of our favorite labels ESSENTIAL ANTWERP is passing along some goddness to you in, int he form of an oversized chunky knit pink sweater and long cozy scarf. Share with a friend, or keep them both for yourself (they look great together, but then again, you’d also look amazing alongside that lucky friend!)


Surely you have heard all the chatter about Dermarolling over the last couple years. We finally tried it. At-home (safe and easy!) Microneedling is a god-send these days, when our faces are scrunched over radiating screens. Relax yourselves! Dermaroller is hooking one very lucky reader up with a full kit, 10 hyaluronic masks, and a Tympacur Vitality Boosting serum. 2021, you are gonna glow, babe.


This year, it’s been all about self care as best we can, no? We have been trying out a number of new products, and L: A Bruket is definitely one of our favorite new natural and organic lines , coming from Sweden. They are offering some of our favorite goods: a lifesaving lip balm, a couple face masks, some soapy suds and creams, and a limited edition candle. You’re good to go for at least one more lockdown.


The iconic German Mono teapot would make a great addition to any kitchen, especially if your resolution for the new year is to drink a little bit less coffee (or is that just us …?). Look to the varying benefits of tea: not just for the body, but for the mind and overall sense of well-being. While Mono is gifting you a large teapot for chic stepping, our favorite tea brand Paper and Tea is also gifting you a couple tea caddies of their best selling blends in great tins: Perfect Day (a white tea with elderflower and apricot) and an Indian Chai (assam black tea with warming spices). Cheers, dears!


We love Barbour for their British hunting inspired outdoor wear, and we love Alexa Chung for her femme tomboy style. When we heard there was a collaboration, our entire office huddled around the same computer to see what goodness would be released. And we were not disappointed! It was one of our favorite collaborations of the year, and we are offering a piece from it, courtesy of Barbour x Alexa Chung. This long and light quilted jacket is perfect for afternoon hikes in the woods, curling up with a book in the sunroom, or a simple walk ’round the corner for that one place still offering Gluhwein to go.

19. MADE 

Are you spending a lot of time in bed these days? No judgment. Us too. We teamed up with one of our favorite home retailers (we discovered that a lot of us at Fräulein sleep on their tried-and-true bedding .) Now is your chance to make your extended snooze sessions a little more luxurious. We are gifting you this dreamy pink duvet cover, courtesy of Made. Your dreams (and your reality!) Are about to get a whole lot sweeter.


We had an interview with the creative director of playful brand Sheriff + Cherry, and ever since then, these fun tracksuits have been on our mind and on our wish list. They are gifting the joy of their couch lounging being made a bit more stylish and cheeky, by offering this unisex leopard-print tracksuit (called the Flinstone, naturally) to one lucky reader.

17. NARS

Who doesn’t love the thought of NARS makeup under (or hanging upon!) The tree? We are gifting these classic best selling products from NARS (Orgasm, anyone?) In festive packaging. So pretty you may not want to open it. … until you do.


First off, you have got to CHILL OUT. We know the holidays are approaching, and we are here to help you. Tom Hemp’s is a boutique CBD shop here in Berlin, that we are ALL obsessed over, that we utilize in a multitude of forms after long nights in the office (okay and also after long nights of the weekend.) They graciously are helping you out this lockdown, to relax and get a little hazy, by offering up a gift box filled to the brim with goodness: from bath bombs to body lotion to our personal favorite: the body oil. Trust us. Your life is about to improve. PS: they offer instant delivery services by bike in Berlin …


Another one of our favorite eyewear makers have offered up a limited edition pair of handcrafted sunglasses, that a couple of us have been wearing all year! Viu is special to us because of their extremely lightweight design that is also nearly indestructible. I have sat on them. They have been on friend’s faces that are bigger than mine. They have been thrown around my bag sans case a time or two, admittedly. And yet, they are still in impeccable shape. This pair is unisex, with a beautiful blue lens, and flattering on all.


This limited edition NORVINA pro pigment palette from Anastasia could be yours … Even if we are stuck inside this holiday season, you will have plenty of time to perfect and play with some stellar eye looks. Perhaps make your own tutorial. Use your dad’s lids for practice! (Tag us, that’s a video we would watch.) And even better, this is a makeup never smudged by a mask.


Do we not all own Happy Socks ? Do we not all want at least a few more? (My favorite pair has all-seeing psychadelic cosmic eyes on it, so as to watch the ground I tread upon.) The most playful- dare we say, happiest- sock company is gifting you a full week of socks, so each day, you have a little more personal joy before pulling up your leggings, deciding to go for a second pair of leggings, tugging on the pants, lugging on your long coat, and lacing up your winter boots. They will surely brighten your day. And since you will be getting seven pairs, you could even share the wealth with a friend. I mean, or not …!


We at Fraeulein use a lot of American Vintage on shoots. Their basic tissue tanks are one of our must-haves! When they agreed to join us for our Advent month, we were expecting a scarf, maybe a couple tee shirts … but then they hit us with this insanely cute puffer coat in a pastel pink. We immediately started colletively fawning over it. We even tried ordering one, only to find out it is understandably sold out! So we pass this onto you, with slight jealousy, but ultimately, with a good heart … If you are the lucky reader, know that we will definitely be checking you out this winter.


Having friends in the fine fragrance industry has significantly improved our lives … and this year, we are looking to improve yours, too. We will be gifting a few luxe scents for your home, by passing on an offering of a limited edition Discovery Set of candles. Le Labo is so special because the products are compounded by hand, on demand, and they take their special scents very seriously. The fragrances are all inspired by nature, with scents like Palo Santo and Fig (our personal favorites, and you will see why …)


Behind today’s door is a very special giveaway. Designed by one of our favorite artists Olafur Eliasson (who you may be seeing again with us soon wink wink), we offer this solar-powered kaleidoscope lamp and charging bank by Little Sun.

Designed with those in mind that do not necessarily always have easy access to electricity, for each product that is sold, one is also donated to rural communities in Africa, in areas being taught how to further garner the power of the sun to fuel their future . The lamps are super lightweight and easy to carry around (would be perfect for outdoor excursions as well as bathtime reading sessions) and the power bank features a light as well so you will never go with a dead battery or a dark path.


Lana Grossa is a wool company that works with some of our favorite brands, but has also made a name for itself by bringing the wool and the directions straight to you, skipping over the cost of production, and the current hassle of online shopping. We are gifting a lucky reader, interested in learning to knit, a beginner’s kit to make a splendidly cushy cashmere-mohair scarf. We think knitting is an honorable and useful hobby and skill to master.We salute those that take on this endeavor, and are happy to nudge you along.


One of the most golden tools to have and tricks to master: a good pen, and a good note. Be it a card of greetings and well wishes, or dropping a note of gratitude for the goodness you have received this holiday season, this gesture is one of the most important! We write a lot at Miss. For the handwritten notes that deserve a lipstick print, we use our Kaweco pens. They graciously are offering one lucky reader a brass pen set (which includes ink refills, a clip, and a handy metal case to keep it locked and loaded.) We will eagerly await your beautifully authored thank you card;)

7. MAC Cosmetics

One of our favorite tried & trued makeup lines MAC is teaming up with us to offer not just one lucky reader a chance at winning something fabulous, but ALL readers something to make you smile. MAC keeps the goodness and the beauty flowing.My first ‘designer’ lipstick was MAC (in a fairly peculiar, certainly questionable lavender shade.) I have never looked elsewhere to fulfill my desires, which is why this giveaway is one of our team favorites. 

First, one reader will be receiving an incredible eye kit, which includes a full palette as well as a few other goodies, such as 3D mascara and their covetable eye creams and tonics. Secondly, ALL of our readers, will be receiving a free full size lipstick in Fräulein’s favorite shade: Chili (flattering on everyone! We decided against aforementioned lavender;) with any and all purchases. It is valid for today only. Use this code: vsafraeulein

6: UGG

We have a secret soft spot for Uggs. There, we said it. But if the boots still aren’t your aesthetic, perhaps this supremely soft lounge set will change your mind. For your lockdown, Ugg is offering one lucky reader a bright matching pullover and shorts to keep your spirits high, and a mega plushy jacket to keep you cozy and comfy. Imagine being wrapped up on the couch in this, in the midst of a weekend movie binge. Who’s laughing at your Uggs now? Retail value is over 300EUR


One of our favorite luxury streetwear brands JETSET is making sure you won’t need to loot your boyfriend’s closet this season. In fact, he may start rummaging through yours … We are offering a raincoat, a bucket hat and their classic tee, straight out of their upcoming androgynous collection, so you will have a multitude of ways to look fresh and style yourself (or whoever else manages to convince you to “borrow” it …)


We recently became familiar with a new Northern Norwegian skin-and-body care line called Sprekenhus . You know how Norwegians tend to be beautiful, more often than not? The genes surely help, but they also take their wellness very seriously. We are offering a haircare set (valued at over 150EUR), that is rich in argan oils and minerals and is naturally, sulfate-free. Plus, the packaging is totally chic, too. You will love this addition to your shower ritual.


Barton Perreira is one of our favorite optical lines. All glasses are crafted by hand in Japan, and the quality and care (such as hand painted details) that are placed into each pair is just beautiful. One of my daily staples is a pair of the yellow tinted lens aviators. I have managed to hold onto them for two years (astonishing for me and glasses!) Because of how much I love them. All my friends want to try the pair on, and all my friends look good in them. Let the compliments flow, and let the sun shine. Barton Perreira is offering a pair of their Domino model (valued at 400EUR) for one lucky, stylish reader.

2: IVY & OAK

Ivy & Oak is a fresh brand founded in Berlin by Caroline Gentz, with the ethos that garments should always be created and purchased consciously: no fast fashion, ethically-made, and worn season after season. While Ivy & Oak is a fairly new line (it has only been around for five years) we see the pieces on many wonderfully dressed women throughout the city, always chic. Simple as that. Courtesy of Ivy & Oak, a luxuriously soft blush pink alpaca wool sweater and the most perfect sage scarf awaits you! The retail value of both is 250EUR.


The makeup line Il Makiage from NYC has finally landed in Germany! Il Makiage is offering a full set of makeup- and we mean full!They’ve got you covered, with a big box including everything from the cheek flush to the contour to the eyes to the lips to the brows to the primer. To know they mean business, they are also personally customizing your kit to your unique skin tone. This line is for maximalists and minimalists alike, and with so many products, it will be easy to gift a few … or not;) The retail value of this kit is over 700EUR.

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