L:a Bruket takes your face to Swedish nature

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Organic and natural skincare brand, L:A BRUKET, launches its new facial care collection, manufactured in Sweden.

The sea, the forest and the spa culture on the Swedish west coast are no longer only inspiration for the next vacation: L:A BRUKET brings them on your face. They created 100% COSMOS-certified, vegan, dermatologically tested and gender-neutral products. Thanks to bioscience and biotechnology your face will be treated the way it always wanted to be. Seven essential facial care products provide the optimal care with minimal effort and maximum results. Perfect for those of us who value sustainability, time efficiency and long-lasting results all at one.

What is the secret of L:A BRUKET? Thanks to COSMOS certified ingredients (strict organic and natural cosmetics certification), L:A BRUKET’S new line respects ecological principles. On average 99% of their ingredients have a natural origin. The result: healthy and radiant skin that defies any environmental factors. A specific application protocol simplifies and ensures optimal use. Like a construction kit, you put together a routine adapted to your individual skin type. Sweet almond oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, willow bark, microalgae from the diatom family, moss cell extract and many more innovative natural ingredients will give your face a long-lasting glow and health. You can choose between seven building blocks, the following products: 276 Essential cleansing oil, 277 Mild cleansing gel, 278 Hydra-firming sea mist, 279 Replenishing serum, 280 Revitalising eye cream, 281 Protective fluid, 282 Regenerating cream.

For 14 years, L:A BRUKET has already stood for a holistic vision of beauty and well-being. And they are not only committed to your skin: L:A BRUKET pledges to donate five percent of the net sales of the “Spruce”-range to “Naturarvet” – a collection foundation that buys old-growth forests to help preserve biodiversity. And there is even more: It is not only the completely new combination of active ingredients that makes curious – a new, innovative design makes not only our pores, but also our eyes shine. And our nose is getting spoiled too: the juniper berry creates a woody, unique and gender-neutral fragrance to remember.

If you also feel like giving your face a time-out like on Swedish vacation, the skin care collection will launch on September 29th.


Image Courtesy of L:A BRUKET

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