The (R)evolution of Streetwear: An Unique Perspective

vor 6 months

Originally born from the streets and closely associated with subcultures like skateboarding, graffiti, and hip-hop, streetwear has undergone a remarkable transformation.

What was once a rebellion against mainstream fashion norms has now integrated itself as a core element within the fashion industry.
Its evolution from the fringes to the forefront represents a significant shift, blurring the lines between high fashion and casual wear. This transition signifies a broader cultural acceptance of the authenticity and individuality that streetwear embodies.

In this cultural revolution, Zalando has carved a distinct path in embracing streetwear. Their take on this style transcends mere clothing; it’s about crafting moments that resonate deeply with their audience. Zalando’s initiatives serve as immersive journeys into the heart of streetwear, celebrating community, diversity, and the freedom of self-expression.

Therefore, Zalando has been actively engaging in streetwear activations and campaigns across diverse cities. These initiatives extend beyond mere fashion events; they delve into collaborations and gatherings that resonate deeply within local communities. The events held in Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin each carried distinct themes, leaving a unique imprint within the streetwear landscape. Panel talks held in these cities explored the intricate intersections of culture, identity, and community, emphasizing the role of collaboration in fueling creativity and building a sense of belonging. Notably, renowned street style and cultural personalities like “Tsellot” “Kanucia,” and “Moubi” were invited, offering diverse perspectives to enrich these discussions. The intersection between community engagement and curated fashion offerings echoes Zalando’s belief in empowering individuals to articulate their unique identity through a diverse ensemble of brands and styles within their streetwear collection.

“Streetwear has always been linked to the music industry.”- Kanucia

Zalando’s curated streetwear collection reflects a melting pot of styles. From Carhartt’s rugged workwear to Asics‘ sporty vibes and 032c’s techno-inspired edge, the lineup isn’t just diverse; it’s an invitation to craft a unique look that embodies individuality and a sense of cool.

Contemporary streetwear trends encapsulate a fusion of styles from various decades. The resurgence of 90s-inspired wide-leg pants dominates the lower half, complemented by the revival of 70s bootleg jeans. On the upper body, the focus shifts to enduring materials, as seen in timeless workwear jackets from Carhartt and the versatile appeal of leather jackets. Footwear trends showcase a blend of classic athletic sneakers like Nike and Adidas alongside the reimagined significance of Adidas Sambas through collaborations with designers like Wales Bonner. Accessories take the spotlight this year, from statement belts and keychains to captivating scarves and chains adorning jackets and pants, reflecting the evolving tastes of both men and women.

The current focus lies in exploring the roots of streetwear, seeking to understand its diverse styles within various subcultures. Beyond fashion, aiming to unravel how streetwear intertwines with personal identity and community dynamics. It’s an ongoing journey to unearth the deeper significance behind streetwear, transcending its label as trendy clothing and revealing its essence as a cultural expression.

“Berlin’s streetwear culture is heavily influenced by its cultural diversity, creative freedom, and thriving vintage scene.” – Tsellot

Image courtesy of Zalando

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